Saturday, 28 March 2009


3 weeks on and we're still stumbling along with the laptop - the main computer is progressing slowly but still recuperating.

I have managed to spend most evenings this week winding the laceweight merino that I dyed a while back into more manageable skeins and centre-pull balls.

I do love the colours!

I created labels in Word which I'm pleased with too.

The yarns are now available in my
Etsy shop - feel free to go take a look!

Now I can't wait to get the kitchen back in a decent state for long enough to dye some more...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Forced absence

Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a little forced absence from this blog right now - thanks to problems with our computer. The hard drive has died and the new one isn't compatible with other parts of the system - these things inevitably have complications!

The junior ribby socks are done and being worn by eldest DD with delight. I'm half way through a pair of Kaibashira socks (originally a Magknits pattern, now taken on by Knotions) for me, using one of my stash balls of Tofutsies yarn. Love the pattern but not mad on the cuff edging - pretty but way too loose. I may try a size smaller needle for the start of the second sock.

My tiny local newsagent has come up trumps - they've got hold of a copy of the new magazine "The Knitter". It's on issue 3 - and I love it. There is an offer to try 3 issues for £5, so I'll be doing that.

The house extension is progressing and expanding along the way, as we've (literally) unearthed some problems we weren't aware of before this started. At least we have the ideal opportunity to put them right, but it means the whole process is going to take longer and cost more money - as always.

I'll post as and when I get the chance, but there will be fewer, if any, pictures for a while.