Thursday, 23 April 2009

Panda Cotton socks

I was very brave yesterday - I had a large filling replaced as it had developed a hole right up to the root. I was in the chair for 30 minutes!

Thankfully my dentist in Truro is wonderful and it's feeling fine now. I won't show you the result - it's not a pretty sight.

Take a peek at this instead:

It's my latest sock using my Panda Cotton Print yarn from stash (see that halo glinting?!).

I'm loving this free
Forget-Me-Not pattern - easy and pretty.

The yarn is quite splitty but I love the colours and it feels silky, smooth and squishy, so all is forgiven.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


This time of my own variety.

I've finally finished the daughter socks that I wanted to design to use up the Tofutsies yarn remaining from my Kaibashira socks.

I found an easy but pretty lacy rib stitch pattern, and worked out a p3-k3-p1-k3 rib to match up with it.

I wanted to use the standard heel stitch to give a little more padding here, so it was cuff-down.

(I've since found a recipe for knitting toe-up with this kind of heel, so that's next on the ToDo list.)

When we got to the toe, I was instructed by DD that a separate big toe was in order so that the socks can be worn with flip-flops.

So I checked out a few patterns and can up with this modified toe-rib type affair.

You know I'm pretty pleased with the whole thing, and quite amazed at how easy it was to come up with my own sock pattern.

So here are the finished Toe-Footsies - complete with toe-post for wearing with flip-flops.

Well we do live by the sea now.

One more thing - Poppy Cottage asked about the needle thing. Yes I do use magic loop for socks. I'm sure it must sound horrendous to read about (I can't vouch for that as I was lucky enough to be shown it in person), but just dive in and try it.

I think it's by far the most portable and child-friendly (and therefore parent-friendly!) method of knitting socks, so it's my most favoured method.

And finally...

One small oasis of beauty in the garden that seems (for now) to be rented to the builders yard.

I do love DH's camera.

Just wish I could remember the name of the darn shrub. ;-)

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Tofutsie socks and building blocks

The Kaibashira socks are done - they have been for a while but now we have the computer back so I can show you - woohoo!

They only took about half the ball of Tofustsies, so now I have 46g left - obviously I need to make more socks for my daughters.

I've got all the way down to the toe of my very first own-design cuff-down lacy rib sock, only to find that it's used too much yarn. Poo.

I will persevere though - 46g of yarn is too much to waste!

The other thing that's progressing is the extension - we're now up to roof level:

The window and french doors should be in place soon too, then we're on the internals - yay!