Sunday, 29 October 2006

Moving on

At last - some progress!

The French Market Bag is finished and I'm quite pleased with it.
I used 3 balls of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran bought in a sale for under £3.50 total. The pattern was very easy and the wool has felted well. Success!

The other bargain project is finished too. This is my bulky cardigan made from Sirdar Denim Ultra in shade Seaspray, bought in the same sale for around £7 total.
This was finished a while back, but then it took ages to find some buttons that I liked with it. During my search I came across
Duttons for Buttons who stock over 12,000 styles of buttons and will do a mail order button finding service! Well worth a bookmark.
Then I decided that the arm seaming was going to annoy me due to the mega chunky yarn. SO I unpicked it and seamed it flat instead, which is much more comfortable. Now I just need some really cold weather!

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

More Blahs

I’m playing with fonts. This one is “Papyrus” which I like in a Word document. How is it to read on the blog do you think?

There’s slow progress on the knitting front. I’m plugging away with my French Market Bag - 5 inches of stocking stitch to go with 200 stitches per round. It’s a good project for some mindless TV knitting though.

Had a really upsetting weekend which is going to take some time to get over, so I’ve not felt motivated to do much other than stare into space. I did manage to set my hands on auto-pilot one evening & finished my Booga Bag.

This is my first “real” attempt i.e. actually following the pattern to the letter with the specified yarn. The colours are beautiful but I think next time I would make it a little bigger and maybe add a magnetic snap fastener.

The lace aran cardigan is progressing slowly; I’m down to the armholes (300+ stitches per round!) and now I’m working on one sleeve. I’ve put this aside for a few days as I’m awaiting delivery of a shorter Addi circular needle so that I don’t have to use the Magic Loop technique. It’s not ideal for a lace pattern with YOs that move around each row, so I figured a shorter needle would be worthwhile.

I finally managed to set up my Etsy shop too - just a few items on there for now.

As for all the other WIPs - well they’re resting in the pile until I feel more enthusiastic about life.

Tuesday, 10 October 2006


It’s been well over a week since I posted a blog entry, and the situation seems similar on lots of the other knitting blogs that I read. Are we in a particularly uninspiring moon phase or something?

It’s not that I’ve been idly my time away. I’ve done some more Kool-Aid dyeing, bought a selection of yarns to play around with, and been working on my (many) current WIPs. It’s just that there’s nothing to shout about atm really.

The weather here today is a blanket of monotone grey drizzly mist - not exactly uplifting. Let’s hope I find the energy to make something amazing happen soon.