Tuesday, 24 October 2006

More Blahs

I’m playing with fonts. This one is “Papyrus” which I like in a Word document. How is it to read on the blog do you think?

There’s slow progress on the knitting front. I’m plugging away with my French Market Bag - 5 inches of stocking stitch to go with 200 stitches per round. It’s a good project for some mindless TV knitting though.

Had a really upsetting weekend which is going to take some time to get over, so I’ve not felt motivated to do much other than stare into space. I did manage to set my hands on auto-pilot one evening & finished my Booga Bag.

This is my first “real” attempt i.e. actually following the pattern to the letter with the specified yarn. The colours are beautiful but I think next time I would make it a little bigger and maybe add a magnetic snap fastener.

The lace aran cardigan is progressing slowly; I’m down to the armholes (300+ stitches per round!) and now I’m working on one sleeve. I’ve put this aside for a few days as I’m awaiting delivery of a shorter Addi circular needle so that I don’t have to use the Magic Loop technique. It’s not ideal for a lace pattern with YOs that move around each row, so I figured a shorter needle would be worthwhile.

I finally managed to set up my Etsy shop too - just a few items on there for now.

As for all the other WIPs - well they’re resting in the pile until I feel more enthusiastic about life.


blueadt said...

The font is cute but a pain to read. Hope things start looking up for you soon.

julie said...

I quite like the font, and the Booga Bag. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Daisy said...

I like the font!
Hope things look up soon.