Thursday, 19 July 2007

Show excitement!

Last weekend our local village "Horticultural and Domestic Show" was held at the Community Centre. The local school children could enter some of the show categories; my DDs entered in:
- shell craft
- decorated stone
- edible jewellery
- 4 crispy buns on a plate

There was much rushing about the night before they were due in, to get the entries finished. Of course, we'll be better prepared next year (famous last words?).

It paid off though, as they both came runner up in one of their categories!

What I hadn't realised previously was that there were categories for everyone to enter. Next year I'll be going for the "Handicraft - Open" and DH will be entering the "Photography - Open" ones.

There was a brass band, coconut shy, bouncy castle, and refreshments stall - selling Cornish cream teas - a cup of tea and a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Of course we had to try them - and very delicious they were. ;-)

The whole atmosphere was so very different to the City Show were we were living this time last year - tiny, rural, homely.. just lovely.

We had a great afternoon, and DH has now become involved with the village committee as a result - so he's helping to sort out the village barbeque next week. Another local highlight in our social calendar! :-)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Spinning help required please!

As always I am mentally several projects ahead of my current WIP - as is the way with most crafters I reckon.

Thanks to my recent purchase of llama fibre, I now need a drop spindle and instructions. I have absolutely no idea about how to do this or what I need, so can anyone help please?

What kind of drop spindle is best for a complete novice?

Have you any recommendations for where to purchase one from?

All advice and ideas gratefully received!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

A quick watery update

Another week gone - and finally a sunny weekend!

We spent today at
Fistral Beach watching our nephew in a surfing competition there, and both DDs enjoying the waves on their bodyboards.

DH then took us all to
Ocean Magic, where our niece is working, and bought DDs new rash vests and booties (the ones to wear in the sea) - and bought me a wetsuit and booties too! I guess there's no excuse now..

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Busy bee!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post- where does it go?! As a result this is a picture-intensive post - you have been warned!

Yesterday we took a trip over to Trago Mills at Falmouth and had a great couple of hours despite the rain.

Trago Mills is the most amazing store - a rabbit warren full of everything. I managed to get hold of a pair of bag handles - and some beads which were 59p per tube! I resisted the yarn on this trip..

Today we went to the open day at Llama Lland, just 5 minutes drive from us.

Here I am with my rapidly-growing DDs - see there are llamas behind us!

Note the wellies and coats - just what you need for this great British summer we're having.

Here's one of the ones in the pens - can't remember the names..

And here's a beautifully-coloured llama - showing off it's better side?!

I bought 2 bags of llama fibre, as I really fancy buying a drop spindle and having a little play at spinning some of it. Any tips anyone?

I also bought a 64g skein of hand-dyed handspun llama wool for £2!

I've been having another go at dyeing myself, and did these skeins on Friday.

There are 5 skeins of laceweight cashmere - soooo soft!

Also a couple of skeins of sock yarn - I played around to get some pretty good bark-like shades!

Oh yes and knitting.

The Wedding Bolero is progressing well - I can tell as my hands are starting to ache.

Both sleeves are finished and blocked, and the back is almost done too - should be finished tonight I reckon. Just a couple of small shaped fronts after that, plus an edging and beads. I'm really pleased so far.