Thursday, 19 July 2007

Show excitement!

Last weekend our local village "Horticultural and Domestic Show" was held at the Community Centre. The local school children could enter some of the show categories; my DDs entered in:
- shell craft
- decorated stone
- edible jewellery
- 4 crispy buns on a plate

There was much rushing about the night before they were due in, to get the entries finished. Of course, we'll be better prepared next year (famous last words?).

It paid off though, as they both came runner up in one of their categories!

What I hadn't realised previously was that there were categories for everyone to enter. Next year I'll be going for the "Handicraft - Open" and DH will be entering the "Photography - Open" ones.

There was a brass band, coconut shy, bouncy castle, and refreshments stall - selling Cornish cream teas - a cup of tea and a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Of course we had to try them - and very delicious they were. ;-)

The whole atmosphere was so very different to the City Show were we were living this time last year - tiny, rural, homely.. just lovely.

We had a great afternoon, and DH has now become involved with the village committee as a result - so he's helping to sort out the village barbeque next week. Another local highlight in our social calendar! :-)

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Mandella said...

Well done to your offspring! And I really think you should enter next year too. That said, I should follow my own example. Every year I threaten to put something into the Dorchester Show and every year I, um, don't.