Monday, 31 January 2011

CreateCrochet Team Valentine Challenge

I am taking part in the Valentine Challenge from the CreateCrochet Team on Etsy.

My entry is this pair of Red Hot fingerless cotton crochet mitts with organza ribbon bow.

I love my organza ribbon at the moment!

There are quite a few great entries - here are a few of my favourites:
Top row, left to right:
Bottom row, left to right:
Today is the closing date, so voting begins soon...

    Saturday, 29 January 2011

    Dizzy Mitts

    I love coming up with new designs and making them into saleable patterns. I've promised myself that I would do it many times of the last few years, but rarely got round to doing it.

    I am getting better at it though. Now when I tinker about with a new project, I make the odd scribble in my knitting notepad. 

    If I like the finished item, I fill it out, print it, and then try making it again from my pattern. 

    Usually after a couple of revisions we have a couple of finished items and a new pattern too - bonus!

    Earlier this week I listed a new pair of Dizzy Twist fingerless mitts in my Etsy shop. I have knitted them using the fabulous Debbie Bliss Fez yarn - a wonderfully cosy and soft merino/camel blend yarn.

    I have sensitive skin, prone to eczema, but this yarn gives me no problems at all - in fact it feels wonderful!

    Now the Dizzy Mitts pattern pdf is available to buy in my shop too, so you can have the joy of knitting your own.

    Alternative yarns you could use are Sirdar Click Aran, Cascade 220 Superwash, etc - any aran/worsted weight yarn with a minimum of 100 metres length.

    I'd love to hear of any other good yarn alternatives - and see any pics of your finished Dizzy Mitts!

    Friday, 28 January 2011

    Roses and ribbons

    In celebration of Valentine's Day have recently added a couple of special new pairs of fingerless mitts to my Etsy shop. I handknitted both in a supersoft and luxurious merino and cashmere blend yarn.

    The first pair are adorned with a beautiful rose knitted in a gorgeous kid mohair and silk blend yarn. The rose is so soft you can hardly feel it, and light as a feather.

    In the centre of the rose nestles a cluster of glass seed beads in shades of red.

    The second pair are edged with the kid mohair and silk yarn in a ruffle, which is threaded with a matching organza red ribbon, tied in a double bow.

    I think these have an almost Victorian period feel to them - beautiful!

    I've also come across many beautiful Valentine gifts on Etsy - here are a few more of my favourites.
    Top row, left to right:
    1. Rose Bloom - Genuine Leather Journal by Baghy
    2. Fashion Rose Leather Coin Purse/Evening Bag/Clutch/Wallet by RonaAccessory
    3. Mars. Silver and Enamel Cufflinks by CheekyLemur
    Bottom row, left to right:
    1. Red Satin and Organza Singed Flower Brooch/Pin by Equivocate
    2. Wool Felt Heart Ornament Collection by stephaniemonroe
    3. cupidOo red bOwl set of 5 by atelierOKER

      Tuesday, 25 January 2011

      Create Crochet Team December Challenge

      On Etsy I am part of the Create Crochet Team which runs regular challenges.

      I took part recently in the December Challenge which had 3 categories: Winter Wearables, Decorations, and New Year's Gifts.

      My entry was my Riverbed Crochet Graduated Colour Mat Duo (now sold!) into the Gifts category.

      I was delighted to find out that my entry won 2nd place in that category!

      The team blog is now featuring interviews with the winners of each category - thanks!

      Monday, 24 January 2011

      Oh Valentine..

      Valentine's Day is fast approaching and there are so many affordable gifts on Etsy from uk sellers that I think are fabulous! Here are a few of my favourites:

      Trembling Mulberry Rose Earrings by ErikaPrice

      I love the delicate pink to lilac colours of these earrings - and the shape of those disc beads!

      Set of 4 purple corduroy coasters by Katiedidonline

      The deep purple shade of these is amazing - and the corduroy would be great at soaking up spills and drips.

      A pocket mirror would be so useful - and not the kind of thing I would think to buy for myself.

      The range produced by KitzieG are very pretty - perfect for the sweetheart in your life!

      Tuesday, 18 January 2011

      Kitty love

      Our kitten sisters Tiggy and Poppet snoozing together today- so sweet!

      Saturday, 15 January 2011

      UK Silly Sale time!

       Yes it's that time again.. 

      The Etsy UK Silly Sale is running from 14th to 21st January with fantastic bargains in many Etsy shops!

      I have a huge 40% discount on EVERYTHING in my shop.

      Have a browse and see what great deals you can find!

      Wednesday, 12 January 2011

      Dennis and Gnasher!

      I recently knitted a lovely pair of fingerless mitts as a custom order for a repeat customer of my Etsy shop.

      We worked out the design between us - distinctive, funky and unique!

      I used Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran yarn for the mitts - a lovely soft easycare yarn with great colours and good yardage.
      I had some of each colour left over - of course I had to use it up by coming up with another item.

      The colours reminded me of Dennis & Gnasher from my childhood days, so I ended up making a pair of stripy fingerless mitts - in a child size of course!

      They're available in my shop now.

      Friday, 7 January 2011

      Unexpected channels

      Last summer I crocheted a few pairs of lacy summer fingerless mitts. 

      I sold some in my Etsy shop and gave a pair each to my daughters - apparently they are a cool style...

      Anyway I had also uploaded a pic of them onto Flickr, and was delighted to find a comment recently asking where the pattern could be obtained!

      Well after a bit of composition, listing and uploading, the pattern is now available to buy from my Etsy shop.

      I never thought Flickr would bring me new customers - well what did I know?!

      I'm inspired to make some more of these now - but this time I want to try them in silk and bamboo.

      Tuesday, 4 January 2011

      You can tell it was Christmas..

      .. because I actually knitted a project for myself!

      Finished but unblocked
      Quite a while back I bought a skein of heavenly Violet Green Silk & Cashmere 4ply yarn in the gorgeous Trance colourway.

      I decided to knit myself a Good Luck Cowl with it.

      The pattern is very easy and doesn't take long to knit up.

      Yarn sadly now discontinued
      The yarn feels gorgeous but the colour did bleed all over my fingers each time I knitted with it.

      I guess I'll be washing this a few times before I wear it!

      I gave the cowl a real good wash and soak until the water rinsed clear and have worn it for 2 days now. It's gorgeously warm and soft - and my neck hasn't turned purple... Fabulous!