Thursday, 20 August 2009

Two of three

Remember I said I had 3 FOs to show off? Well here's the second...

It's Sirdar pattern 8877 - which I've managed to lose. I never lose patterns. Good job it's finished.

It's knitted in Sirdar Just Bamboo, shade Driftwood. I have to say that when I bought the yarn (online) I didn't really expect it to be quite so grey.

I guess I was thing of the "wood" part more than the "drift"!

I do love this yarn though, despite having to oversew all the ends with sewing thread as it's so slippy.

I wasn't happy with the increases for the waist shaping as directed by the pattern instructions - they left big holes.

I did it my own way for the front, and they look better IMO. I also added more length as usual, and it's worked for me.

I attempted to try this on when it was half-seamed, and felt very unhappy that it seemed too small and showed up whatever underwear I had on at the time.

Thankfully now it's all done, it does fit as it's so drapey and stretchy, and the right colour underwear just blends right in.

I do love the hem and sleeve edgings - very pretty.

I think I will wear this after all!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Birthday Pics!

It's my 43rd birthday today so here's a picture round-up of the highlights.

Our two clever and thoughtful daughters first presented me with a homemade gift. Our surname is Thornton, so they had spent several hours hand-making (with nan's help) my very own box of birthday chocolates!

They include chocolate covered brazils, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered ginger, chocolate covered nougat, and chocolate truffles!

Each one is so amazingly delicious - and I have 3 layers in a hand-decorated box too! What a fabulous gift. :-)

Then I had my first ever knitting gift from my DH (as requested) - a beautiful sunflower swift from Purlescence!

I've already put this to good use this evening, and re-skeined two skeins of my hand-dyed 4ply yarn ready to list in my
Etsy shop.

I wanted us to have a family day out as we all seem to be so busy all the time, and I wanted us to go somewhere there would be things for all of us to do - but not too expensive of course.

So we ended up using our
Muller vouchers to get a reduced-price entry to Springfields Fun Park and Pony Centre.

It was indeed lots of fun as the adults could go on nearly as many attractions as the kids!

I went on the astraslide - several times. Good fun, but the indoor one we went on later was so fast it took my breath away!

Also every photo of the faster one came out blurry, so this one will show you the idea.

Then there were the big see-saws.

For some reason every time me and DH got going on this I ended up in hysterics!

I don't quite know what I found so funny, but I had to get off in the end as my sides were aching too much from laughing. :-)

Finally there were the huge trampolines.

I've never been on one of these before. I couldn't believe how much energy they took. Only a couple of minutes in, I was out of breath! Amazing exercise and great fun.

I ended up with sea-legs when I got off - the ground felt like it should be moving like the trampoline!

It was a really fun day out - just what every 43yo should have. This evening was rounded off with a family buffet, and tomorrow me and DH are off to Carbis Bay Hotel in St Ives for a Sunday Dinner for Two that I won in a raffle! :-)

Saturday, 8 August 2009

One, two, three, go!

OK so now I've swapped the crochet hook for a darning needle, and I've now got not one, not two, but THREE FOs to show for it! Here's the info on the first of the trio - the Beachcomber Tunic:

This is a pattern from Interweave Crochet Spring 2007 using Garnstudio Silke Tweed yarn. I managed to drop on that exact yarn in the pale rose shade I wanted on ebay.

Although I started this back in March 2008, this has taken an age to finish - but purely my own fault. I just couldn't face seaming for a long time and I don't think there's much point trying to do it when you feel like that.

I lengthened the top knitted bodice as I wanted thew whole thing longer and wasn't keen on the knit/crochet split being right across my bust - the model in the original pattern is fairly neutral in this area.

I've been noticing this a lot recently - garments modelled on fairly small-busted women, which makes the finished item look very different on me - and not usually better!

Other than that, it's a great pattern, and very easy to do.

Now I want to wash the tunic a couple of times to soften up that silk/lambswool yarn before I actually wear it.