Thursday, 20 August 2009

Two of three

Remember I said I had 3 FOs to show off? Well here's the second...

It's Sirdar pattern 8877 - which I've managed to lose. I never lose patterns. Good job it's finished.

It's knitted in Sirdar Just Bamboo, shade Driftwood. I have to say that when I bought the yarn (online) I didn't really expect it to be quite so grey.

I guess I was thing of the "wood" part more than the "drift"!

I do love this yarn though, despite having to oversew all the ends with sewing thread as it's so slippy.

I wasn't happy with the increases for the waist shaping as directed by the pattern instructions - they left big holes.

I did it my own way for the front, and they look better IMO. I also added more length as usual, and it's worked for me.

I attempted to try this on when it was half-seamed, and felt very unhappy that it seemed too small and showed up whatever underwear I had on at the time.

Thankfully now it's all done, it does fit as it's so drapey and stretchy, and the right colour underwear just blends right in.

I do love the hem and sleeve edgings - very pretty.

I think I will wear this after all!


Jules said...

It's really beautiful! I love the color, and the diamonds at the hem.

Daisy said...

I think it's beautiful - and it looks really useful garment to have!