Saturday, 29 November 2008


Hi! I'm back from my unexpected break - temporarily anyway. You know how it is this time of year - lots going on.

My Dad and step-mom visited us from Spain for 5 days and we had a lovely time. Good job they flew back to Alicante before the enforced
temporary closure of Newquay Airport!

This week I've been knitting neckwarmers like mad for a local sale tomorrow. Oh and we got to see Santa and his
real reindeer in Truro on Wednesday evening. I've never seen so many people in Truro!

Back soon...

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Your turn to wash up darling...

Events sometimes lead to the most unlikely consequences.

When we were going through the unnecessary torment that was DH's
BMX accident, subsequent operation and healing, I said that once DH's wrists were healed enough I was going to take a month off doing the washing up, and he could do it.

Only fair considering I had to do absolutely everything for a good few weeks.

So now, we've reached that point, DH has come up with a cunning solution. He's bought a dishwasher.

This weekend he's even threatening to plumb it in.

I've never had one before, although we've pondered the idea for a good few years, and always decided we didn't have enough space in the kitchen.

How does that saying go? "
Necessity is the mother of invention."

I guess DH really doesn't like washing up. ;-)

Monday, 3 November 2008


This cold weather makes me knit faster! It must do - I have 2 FOs to show, and I'm finally on the decreases for the Snuggle crochet blanket - woohoo!

But first - Halloween.

We had a family party which was great - the only time I make my hair extra-frizzy on purpose!

It worries me every year how good my eldest DD looks in black clothing and pouffed-up hair...

The best part was the mummy wrapping game!

Not exactly eco-friendly with all the toilet roll, but very good fun.

As for the knitting...
Another Christmas present is done.

It's the cashmere cowl I knitted in the round in double rib using the hand-dyed cashmere yarn from
The Knitting Goddess. I used a mere 14g of yarn for this!

I'm quite tempted to put this one up for sale in my
Etsy shop and make another for the Christmas pile. The cashmere items I've done seem to be quite popular...

The other FO is yet another Christmas present - a stocking filler this time.

It's the
Garterlac Washcloth again - this time in the Beach Ball colourway of the Lily Sugar 'n' Cream yarn.

I love this pattern so much. It's great fun to knit, and makes the perfect texture for a facecloth.

Of course it has to be done in variegated cotton to show off the pattern to the max. This colourway matches with the recipient's bathroom tiles, so hopefully it'll go down well. :-)