Sunday, 14 September 2008

Traumas and celebrations

It's our 12th wedding anniversary today! DH and I have just come back from enjoying a delicious meal at our local Italian restaurant - Del Mar. I had the best smoked salmon tagliatelle that I've ever tasted. Gorgeous!

DH had an operation 3 days ago on his broken left wrist to plate it.

It all seems to be healing fine, but we had an emotional moment this morning when I found out that he'd written his anniversary card before the op in case he didn't wake up from it. Thank goodness he did!

Earlier today I finished my crochet shell bag.

It's a pattern I created a few years back, but I decided to re-make it as I wanted to get some better photos for the pattern.

You can buy it here in my Etsy shop.

This time I used 200g of Patons 100% Cotton DK yarn and I love the result.


scarletprincess said...

wow congratulations on your anniversary! How touching about the card- so lovely you have those sentiments even now. Hope he mends soon x

Judith said...

Congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary! Your husband sounds like a real sweetie. I hope he gets better soon.

Daisy said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I love the bag pattern - just bought a copy!!