Saturday, 6 September 2008

A colourful life

Oooh, look - pretty colours!

I finally got around to dyeing some yarns again, and remembered how much I love the surprises you end up with.

I've just sat and tied up 11 more skeins (small and large) for another batch this weekend.

That'll end up with my DDs coming into the kitchen pinching their noses saying "Poo-ee, Mommy what are you dyeing this time?"!

Actually, youngest DD amazed me tonight as she dug out some yarn and needles, got me to cast on, and is now knitting a pink and purple scarf for eldest DD's teddy! The last time she tried she did a couple of rows and got frustrated, but this time I had to make her put it down at 9pm to moans of "Oh Mommy just one more row.." Sounds familiar!


Daisy said...

Those are gorgeous colours!

Katie said...

LOVE love love the colors! I'm just starting to "play" at dyeing
Fine work!
(Found your link on sarah's blog)