Saturday, 27 September 2008

Hello Mr Sticky!

It seems that we are living in a wildlife haven. Having only ever seen these creatures once at secondary school around 30 years ago, we have now been visited by our second stick insect!This one was a whopper at around 5 inches long - almost twice the size of the last one.

He (or maybe she?!) gave me quite a fright as I went to grab the garden gate to rush off with our DDs for the weekly swimming lesson - he was sitting right there, well camouflaged!

Mr Sticky is pictured in a large (empty) Roses tin covered in clingfilm with airholes. He was a pretty fast mover and was climbing all over the place. His antics made a weird tinkly scuffling noise in the tin - quite freaky when you forgot what was in there!

He spent the night there before joining his new home with a friend of ours, who keeps lots of these insects in a massive enclosure with lots of fresh vegetation. Hopefully the new accommation and friends will be well-received!

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