Monday, 17 December 2012

Craft fair season done!

Nearly there! A couple more work days, a visit up-country to see family, then it's home to relax over Christmas and New Year.

All my craft fairs have been done for this season. On the whole they were worthwhile, although the recession has obviously taken hold this year.

I'm pleased with my revamped knit & crochet kits, which proven very popular.

I'll be expanding the range next year with kits for the long wrap crochet necklaces, plus some completely new patterns & kits for both knitting and crochet.

The new kits will all include my hand-dyed Perran Yarns, although the patterns will still include alternative yarn suggestions.

I also have plans to change my stall display equipment again; tweaking this to get it right seems to be a never-ending task!

I'm pleased with the extra height that the shelving unit has given me, but a collapsible equivalent would be much easier to transport & store.

A new display item would be useful too - a tall collapsible coat-stand type with short 'branches' sticking out at various points to display my scarves and cowls. Designs are underway!