Thursday, 13 November 2008

Your turn to wash up darling...

Events sometimes lead to the most unlikely consequences.

When we were going through the unnecessary torment that was DH's
BMX accident, subsequent operation and healing, I said that once DH's wrists were healed enough I was going to take a month off doing the washing up, and he could do it.

Only fair considering I had to do absolutely everything for a good few weeks.

So now, we've reached that point, DH has come up with a cunning solution. He's bought a dishwasher.

This weekend he's even threatening to plumb it in.

I've never had one before, although we've pondered the idea for a good few years, and always decided we didn't have enough space in the kitchen.

How does that saying go? "
Necessity is the mother of invention."

I guess DH really doesn't like washing up. ;-)


Alison said...

Oh, congratulations! I love my dishwasher, I really do. :)

Mindie said...

I love mine too! Once you've got it going you'll wonder why you waited so long. Best thing I ever bought (except yarn of course!).

Jules said...

Very nice! Just like with knitting, there will still be some stuff that needs hand washing...but it is so nice to have a washer to do most of the work. :)

Mandella said...

What a sneaky solution! But then it's a real win/win isn't it? You don't get just a month off dishwashing, but years and years.

scarletprincess said...

HaHa DB bought me a dishwasher about 6 months ago because we hate washing up and now we dont argue about washing up..... but who has to load the dishwasher ;o) xxx