Sunday, 29 October 2006

Moving on

At last - some progress!

The French Market Bag is finished and I'm quite pleased with it.
I used 3 balls of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran bought in a sale for under £3.50 total. The pattern was very easy and the wool has felted well. Success!

The other bargain project is finished too. This is my bulky cardigan made from Sirdar Denim Ultra in shade Seaspray, bought in the same sale for around £7 total.
This was finished a while back, but then it took ages to find some buttons that I liked with it. During my search I came across
Duttons for Buttons who stock over 12,000 styles of buttons and will do a mail order button finding service! Well worth a bookmark.
Then I decided that the arm seaming was going to annoy me due to the mega chunky yarn. SO I unpicked it and seamed it flat instead, which is much more comfortable. Now I just need some really cold weather!


blueadt said...

Duttons have a shop in York which is fantastic. They gave me a great tip when shopping for buttons: rather than dragging your huge project with you, knit one button hole in 10 stitches of ribbing & bring that with you. So guess who makes tiny button hole swatches now when shopping for buttons!

scarletprincess said...

Wow your bag looks fantastic! I shall definately have to get an order form from them, they look like a really valuable resource! (and the above comment is such a good idea!)

Mandella said...

See, I told you the mojo would come back and it did, didn't it, big time?

Well done on your two finishes. I love the French Market bag and have a couple of questions. Is it blue or white? Also, did you felt it by hand or in a front-loader? (I'm assuming you don't have the services of an American top-loading washing machine).

As for the cardigan; a cold spell is predicted towards the end of the week, so you may end up wearing it sooner than you think!