Thursday, 10 August 2006

FO frenzy

I've been trying to post a new entry here for a while but events seemed to be conspiring against me.. Anyway I'm here to show off a FO frenzy..

First my new ribby cotton blend socks, which I've been wearing all today - they're real comfy and haven't fallen down once. I used the basic rib pattern from Spun magazine with a ball of Regia Cotton Surf yarn - and I have 35g left!

Next is my own attempt at a little crochet box, using some 3-ply cotton I dyed a while back with 2 colours of Dylon Cold Dye. The box is rather floppy, so I'm in the process of making a liner for it with felt-covered plastic canvas. Not strictly finished, but near enuogh.

Then there's a geat quick-fix oddment project - a beaded crochet hairband. I used a strand each of 4-ply wool and 4-ply alpaca; very quick and easy, and eldest DD loes it.

Finally a new poncho for youngest DD - another quick and easy one done in garter stitch with chunky yarn doubled up - a great stash-buster!

I'm going to slink away quietly now - I've been nursing a migraine for 2 days and although I can see ok now, I still feel badly hung-over. Hopefully it won't last too much longer.


Mandella said...

Nice socks!

I'm sorry about the migraine. Has the weather broken in your part of the country, because it certainly feels very oppressive here. Just wondering if that's got anything to do with it?

Seahorse said...

You've got some gorgeous finishes! Love the socks especially. Isn't there something you can do to stiffen box sides with starch? (She says, having no idea what she's on about!).

KnitYoga said...

Lots of great FOs. Sorry that you seem to have the bug, too. As you say, let's hope that we'll all recover soon. I feel much perkier today.

Heather said...

Love the poncho, nice color. :)