Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Somehow, amidst the madness of packing today, I have managed to take photos of my latest FOs. Actually it was a bit of light relief, as is typing this blog entry. 12 hours of packing, washing, ironing, and cleaning is enough for one day for anyone I reckon. Anyway - the FOs:
First up, we have the Colinette Giotto sweater. The shade is "Caramel", and it's incredibly difficult to photograph without it looking all sparkly! There's definately no lurex in there, although it has a shimmer to it.

This was my design based on a Per Una sweater I have - a very simple fitted shape with a crochet edge all around and a deeper crochet hem on the body. I do like it.

Then there are the socks! I have done both, but the photo of both makes my feet look even bigger than they actually are, so this is the one you're seeing.

I love these socks. I used
Wendy's Toe-Up sock pattern and a hand-dyed sock yarn that I bought from ebay a few months back in a lovely dusky denimy mix of colours. They are really comfy and fit great. I will use that pattern again - I find that the short-row toe and heel are the right shape for me and I enjoy knitting them.

Final picture for this post - based on our move of course! This is what our lovely house looks like in every room atm. That's me all boxed out for today. G'night!


Julie said...

The sweater and socks are lovely! I love Wendy's Toe-Up pattern.

If we don't hear from you again before the 19th - best of luck with your move! :)

blueadt said...

Good luck with the move.

I wish we were further on with our move. Our buyer is delaying things as he doesn't want to move until the end of April :(ba

Jennifer said...

I've never thought of knitting a sweater in Giotto, but I do love it so! Beautiful! Good luck with your move!