Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Yet another one for the seaming pile

Well the His and Hers washcloths raised a few laughs - the recipient had no idea what they were, and took a few prompts to figure out what they said, but got there in the end. The evening wedding reception was brilliant - lots of drinking and silly dancing - a good night out.

Remember I said that the Lacewing Bolero-ette should be a quick knit? Well here it is in it's current raw state (click on it for a better view):

I finished the knitting at tea-time, so now it's on to my favourite part - the seaming. Wooppee. Anyone going to guess how long that will take?

1 comment:

Mandella said...

You've got the right idea with seaming - do it straightaway!

I though the washcloths were obvious. Perhaps my eyes are better than I thought.