Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Christmas FO

The first Christmas present is done!

I finally seamed the Cashmerino Baby Shrug and added a double crochet flower embellishment to use up the last few remaining yards of yarn.

That yarn is so smooshy and lovely that I didn't want to waste an inch of it.

Here is the intended recipient (my sweet little niece), when she came to visit with her family almost 2 weeks ago (wow, where did that go?!).

As you can see, she's in the stage where she is fascinated with labels - I remember mine being like that.

We had a great time all together; it was lovely to have my family here as it was the first time they've visited since we moved here 20 months ago.

We had fantastic weather too - good enough for ice-creams and sandcastle-building on the beach! A little weird for October but much welcomed after this summer's rain.


Jules said...

She's adorable! And so is the shrug...when you put it on her, it will all just be too cute, and everyone will swoon. :)

Iris said...

The cardi is lovely - and well done you, for finishing it so early!

Also, your niece is utterly adorable. And I remember that 'label stage' so clearly... :-)

Daisy said...

The shrug is absolutely gorgeous!