Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Busting the stash

I've been absorbed with warm rich colours recently, obviously inspired by Christmas.

I decided to knit some more lengthways scarves. Here's the first one:

There are all sorts of yarns in there - chenille, acrylic, polyester eyelash, wool, alpaca, mohair, cotton, merino..

I used one of my Addi circular needles, working 2 rows in each yarn at a time, randomly switching between garter stitch, stocking stitch, and reverse stocking stitch.

It was a windy day when we took this shot!

Now I've cast on another, this time using warm browns and oranges.

They make great stashbusters - and great presents too, each one totally unique. They're fun to knit but very easy - perfect for Christmas TV watching!


Jules said...

Beautiful scarf - and a great picture of you wearing it! :)

In that last picture, I detect a ball of Bernat Boa in "Phoenix" - I must have five or six balls of that rolling around in my leftover basket. Love that shade of orange!

Iris said...

lovely scarf, and what a good idea - I might look through my stash and make one too!

Mindie said...

I just love the scarf and what a fantastic way of using up stash. Must have one!!