Saturday, 28 March 2009


3 weeks on and we're still stumbling along with the laptop - the main computer is progressing slowly but still recuperating.

I have managed to spend most evenings this week winding the laceweight merino that I dyed a while back into more manageable skeins and centre-pull balls.

I do love the colours!

I created labels in Word which I'm pleased with too.

The yarns are now available in my
Etsy shop - feel free to go take a look!

Now I can't wait to get the kitchen back in a decent state for long enough to dye some more...


Jules said...

"Hand-dyed Yarn from Cornwall" might just be the phrase that finally gets me to buy something from Etsy. :) It all looks beautiful!

Daisy said...

Love the labels!

Thrissle said...

I think the yarns are fabulous, and the labels really professional.... hope they go well on etsy!