Friday, 6 August 2010

Medieval Joust

We are on holiday from work this week so on Wednesday we went to a Medieval Joust!

Pendennis Castle
The event was held at the glorious Pendennis Castle at Falmouth which of course is located to give the most fabulous views over the surrounding sea and land.

Falconry display
There were falconry displays with fascinating talks about how the birds were used in days gone by, for example to catch animals to feed families for free.

Music from the time was provided by the talented Nonimus Minstrels - we were so impressed we bought their CD.

The Jester
A hilarious jester wandered around entertaining the crowds, as well as putting on a few of his own shows throughout the day.

The Joust

And of course there were four knights taking part in three different sessions of horsemanship and skill, culminating in the joust. Incredible!

It was a fabulous day - if you get chance to go I would thoroughly recommend it!


MyHobbyShop said...

that seems very cool. i would love to go to something like that!!

Julie said...

Great blog! I love your pictures. :)

I'm following. Here's mine if you are interested.

Jess said...

Fabulous blog! My wedding is going to be Medieval inspired...widh we had some place this fab around here!