Friday, 17 September 2010

New stash

I've had several sales from my Etsy shop recently which have enabled me to buy some more yarn stash - yay!

I bought these lovely items from Scandanavian Knitting Design.

Big Fabel is a thick sock yarn which is also great for gloves, hats, etc. I used this yarn to make the unisex fingerless gloves in my shop.

I'm hoping to make some more of this style in these colours but with a half thumb. 

I'm going to try this technique of using waste yarn to create the thumb gusset.

Eskimo is a new yarn for me. It's squooshy and thick and lovely!

I adore the colours available and it feels next-to-skin soft.

I think these may become cowls.


Jules said...

I've used that technique for thumbs before - I like it, it works really well.

Love that pink and orange Eskimo yarn!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Hope you have fun - I just don't have the patience nowadays! ;-)