Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I seem to be doing more baking these days. Is that good or bad?

The latest batch are these skinny chocolate & cranberry muffins - delicious.

They use yoghurt, milk, and oil instead of butter but taste wonderful.

The mixture made 12 but only 11 photographed - well I had to check they were ok..

Last time I used chopped dates instead of dried cranberries - equally gorgeous.

We also have our first indication of Spring - this sweet little narcissus (I think!) has grown in a pot on our kitchen windowsill.


Lesley Ann said...

Woah! Those. Look. Delicious!!

I can almost taste them off the screen... (I'm not licking the screen... honest! haha!)

Daisy said...

Those look delicious!

naperie said...

that narcissus is special.. I wish I'd planted some in pots last autumn.. will have to make a note to self to do it this year.