Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday night

Earlier this week I bought another skein of Colinette Giotto in the gorgeous Raspberry colourway from a Ravelry destash.

I'm itching to get started on another Ripple Drop-Stitch Scarf, so tonight I decided to wind the skein into a cake ready to get started.

Although the skeined yarn looked pristine, it didn't quite go as expected once I removed the band from the skein!

There were no ties around the skein so it was impossible to tell where the centre of all the loops was..

I had to unwind the yarn painfully slowly by hand into a bowl, using the swift just for support..

Giotto bolognese anyone?!

Perseverence and patience paid off in the end though.

Now to cast on!

If you fancy knitting your own version of this scarf, the pattern is also now available for sale on Ravelry and in my Etsy shop.


CrochetBlogger said...

Eek! Looks like a great yarn - congrats for sticking with it through a bit of a headache!

Anonymous said...

fab looking yarn, I well have given up - well done!