Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Falmouth Week

We have just got back from spending a great afternoon in Falmouth as part of Falmouth Week, in the most glorious weather - sunny but not too hot.

We took the train from Truro - a lovely 20 minute ride, cutting out the hassle of summer traffic and parking.

We then watched the Animal Bike Tour display - most excellent!

We ate some tea at The Rumbling Tum cafe - the most delicious steak and onion chutney ciabatta with fries & salad, then squeezed in a quick visit to the local bead shop and the traditional sweet shop before watching the Red Arrows display over the harbour.

Back on the train, then to our local pub with friends to round off the day. Fantastic!


Erika Price said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! I was in Falmouth last summer and loved it so much I blogged about it too: Weekend in Falmouth

Dotty said...

Sounds like a perfect day out

Rebecca's Emporium said...

I am so jealous! :)
I miss Falmouth loads, I will move back there some day! :) Glad you had a good time, lovely photo!