Friday, 6 January 2012

Christmas kitties

As we pack up Christmas for another year, I want to share our Christmas kitties with you.

They are truly amazing - hand-made as a custom order by the very talented Stupidcats on Etsy! I sent her various headshot pics of our kitties, and she painstakingly pieced and felted these little guys together.

I can thoroughly recommend these to any cat-owners who'd like a special representation of their beloved feline family members!

Last Christmas of course we had Tiggy and Poppet, but then we lost Poppet so very sadly to the road last March.

In July we brought home 14-week-old little Prada from our local RSPCA centre, so I had to order another little kittie head!

I just realised that I don't have any pics of Prada on my blog yet (oops!) so here she is now at 9 months old - and getting bigger than Tiggy already!


Erika Price said...

Prada looks as sophisticated & elegant as her name suggests! Lovely seeing all StupidCat's beautiful work on your tree, what a great idea :)

Anonymous said...

Squeee! How lovely! Thank you so much for writing about your felted kitties, so sweet to see them all together on the tree! xxx

Jules said...

Prada, you lovely kitty! Nice to meet you. :)

Love those kitty Christmas ornaments!

Baban Cat said...

Prada is gorgeous! Dizzy and Posie send their love too. They were rescue cats too.

Paola said...

Love it!! Prada is adorable!!