Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Starting at the finish post

Is it half-term week for you? It is for us. I've taken the week off work and I'm staying at home refereeing, I mean having fun with, my girls. ;-)

I spent today recovering from my daughter's 7yo friend having a sleepover with us last night (much giggling and silliness until late into the night) and look what I just finished!

Broadstreet Mittens are knitted and buttoned and I adore them.
The buttons actually match very nicely but refuse to do anything other than glare at the camera.
I'm looking forward to the
cold spell we're being promised later this week so that I can try out my new toasty fingerwarmers. ;-)

On Sunday I took my girls to
Hobbycraft to spend their pocket money - the £3 off voucher in our local paper was too much of a temptation for us. The girls bought various crafty kits, and I spotted some beads I'd been looking for.
I've been putting together the ingredients for my next small project - Mrs Beetons wristwarmers.

See the beads? They're actually all various shades of lilac but again the camera is playing tricks.

I'd already got the Kidsilk Haze left over from the beaded edging of my
mohair wrap, so I grabbed a ball of the Cashsoft DK whilst at the Knit Chat last Saturday (with 4yo DD in tow - she took her plastic canvas sewing and chatted to everyone else a lot!). How soft is that yarn? Words fail me.

Luckily I can't start this project until the
Rain Dance Shawl is complete as I need to use that particular Addi circular. It's getting there, honest.

Whilst at Hobbycraft I spied some Patons Symphony yarn which I have admired for some time. It's an acrylic yarn but very plush and feels more like chenille. There on the shelf was this gorgeous "Fruit Crush" colourway so I felt another no-smoking reward coming on (2 weeks tomorrow!).

You see I've been itching to have a go at "
My So Called Scarf" for months, but needed the right yarn for it.

I think I've found it. :-)


Kirsty said...

Symphony is great to work with, knits up nice and easy and feels lovely. I don't usually like acrylic but it's a really good yarn.

francoise said...

Your Mrs Beeton's wristwarmers will be stunning in those colours!

Sue said...

I like your Broad Street mittens. I've knitted those but in a plain navy for my Mum for wearing at her allotment. I really like them in the variegated yarn - think I might have to make a pair for me!

Sue said...

Hi again Steph! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm doing this pattern for the Olympics: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=78&d_id=11&lang=us

'Cardigan in Muskat' no. 78-11 if the link doesn't work.

I love the Garnstudio website!


Seahorse said...

I love your mittens! The pics at Knitty didn't inspire me but I'm tempted to make a pair myself after seeing yours :)

dawn said...

I'm trying not to look at new projects, but mrs beeton's wristwarmers are a bit too tempting. Well done on still not smoking! This is my third time of giving up,and each time I've gone a bit further. You should find the cravings diminishing. Good luck with that, and save your pennies in a jar, use that as a bit of motivation!