Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Checking in

Rain Dance Shawl:
I’ve done 10 of the 16 edging pieces - wahay!
It feels like it’s on the home straight now as there is more of the shawl off the needle and finished than there is remaining on there.

It’ll be interesting to see what blocking does to it – although I’ll have to be careful, as the yarn I’ve used is 70% acrylic. Let’s hope I don’t kill it before wearing it!

Smoking cessation:
I’ve been a non-smoker for 3 weeks now and it is getting easier.

For the last few days I’ve been having panic attack type sensations and tingles in 2 fingers of my left hand. Pippa (our resident Tuesday Knit Chat nurse!) assures me that this is a side effect of giving up smoking, as my blood flow and oxygen levels increase, and it shouldn’t last too long.

Thanks for all your messages of support too! They really do help to keep my spirits up. :-) I can’t really spend the money I’ve saved on yarn as DH always used to buy the cigs (and still does, although he is now talking of giving up in the future too, which is an amazing leap). Even so, I’m still treating myself as it’s a great incentive.

I have received my first ever ball of Opal Rain Forest Flamingo sock yarn!

Yes yes, I know that I said I’d never ever knit socks, but life changes and flows like a river n’est pas?!

Anyway, I blame Magknits for that wonderful Jaywalker pattern. ;-)

A few weeks back I lent Yuca my KnitSimple mag during a Tuesday Knit Chat session.

She hadn’t been able to get it back to me until this week, and was worried that I might need it so she bought me a thank you gift!

I unwrapped it to find a gorgeous skein of Colinette Silky chic in the “Summer Berries” colourway.

Yuca, you’re too kind; you really shouldn’t have but I’m very grateful for this totally gorgeous yarn. :-) I feel a curly whirlie scarf coming on – this time for me…


Annie said...

Your shawl is looking fab, even without blocking.
You're absolutely right to reward yourself for giving up smoking, it's such an important thing to do, for you and your family.

Tammy said...

Congrats on your 3 weeks no smoking. My hubby is trying to quit to and is having similar side effects.
The Opal Flamingo looks luscious, check out my blog, I'm giving away a skein of Opal for guessing how many skeins of sock yarn I have.

Tracy said...

All that lovely money you're saving...extra for stash ;)

dawn said...

get the money of hubby! put it in a jar and look at it. it's great incentive (and he can see how much he's burning as well). i didn't have that symptom at all, but my other half did, (he thought he was having a heart attack!). The bit i was most impressed with is lung function, once the gunge is out, you'll find your recovery is much better if you have to run!

scarletprincess said...

Hey Steph
The shawl is looking fab! I've been tempted to start some socks, but with all those other WIPs that seem to gather I really shouldn't ;o)

If I dont see you this week, take care and well done in not smoking

Sharon J said...

Keep up the good work with the smoking (or lack thereof). It's three years since I last smoked and giving up was one of the best things I ever did. You're over the worst part now so stick with it.

I knitted a pair of socks in Flamingo for my daughter and they're now her favourites so I'm sure you'll love yours.


littlelixie said...

Handknit socks are a real luxury. You won't regret havoing a go.