Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Time for a Spring Clean

The Rain Dance Shawl is finished but as yet unblocked. I like the look of it spread out, but I do admit to feeling rather granny-ish when wearing it!

I've not dared to pin it out knowing that I’ll be out at work the next day and unable to supervise it. Not that I'm expecting it to run off, but youngest DD has been off school poorly, and little hands tend to be very inquisitive.. ;-)

Goodness knows what the camera has done to the colours this time. It looks like the first ball of yarn was a different dyelot (it wasn't) but it doesn't look like this in real life. Weird!

The Textured Cardigan is also finished as in it has buttons. These are too small for the buttonholes though, and tend to keep slipping open.

Even with bigger buttons it’s still not going to fit me properly. I think it should fit a tall size UK 12 girlie beautifully – unfortunately I’m a large size UK 14.

I don’t know whether to try washing it - which may also stop some of the dreadful shedding from the yarn. Anyone got any flashes of inspiration?

The Giotto Sweater is partly seamed. I’m not finding this very easy going as my skin is so dry atm that the yarn keeps snagging on my hands.

I really need to crack on with it though so that I can get a crochet edging on there and maybe even wear it..

My So Called Scarf is on the 2nd (and final) ball of Patons Symphony and growing nicely.

Mrs Beetons wristwarmers are started but the Kidsilk Haze edging looks awfully baggy to me. I keep checking the pattern but it does say to use the larger needles first. Weird. Maybe it’ll sort itself out as it grows.

My stash of blue-green Wendy Jazz has been restarted (again!) as a
Magic Scarf (hopefully). Watch this space!

I have so many projects “hanging on” that have been ongoing for far too long, such as:
Coral Crochet Cardigan – started Feb-03
Chevron Tunic - started May-03
His Hat & Wristies - started Nov-04
Lacewing Shrug - started Aug-05

I’m feeling rather weighed down by these now. I must get them finished or ditched before I start anything else. Kind of a Project Spring Clean I guess!
Those socks will have to wait for now..


scarletprincess said...

Thats nothing compared to the UFO/WIP list I have lol!
The shawl looks really lovely, hopefully I'll see it saturday?? ;o)

Mandella said...

This is where you think I am a total nutcase, but to me your Raindance Shawl looks like it's edged with Welly Boots. So, for some reason it reminds me of the luggage in the Discworld novels .....

It is, no matter what my twisted mind makes of it, quite lovely. Well done Steph!