Friday, 3 March 2006

By Jove she's done it!

Ta da!!!
Presenting (at long last) my Lacewing Bolero. It must have been the chocolate that did it. ;-)

I'm soooo pleased with this. You'll have to believe me for now, but this looks lovely on - much better than just laid flat and it fits really well.

I used a Lacewing pattern from my Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches and then my trusty Knitware Sweaters program to design the basic pattern. I modified the fronts to get the curved shaping.

I used 200g (400metres) of Morocco yarn (which I acquired on eBay back in Jan '05) which is an equal blend of linen and acrylic, roughly double knitting weight. I worked the pattern using 5mm needles throughout as I wanted a nice open effect.

Finally I firmed up the front/neck/hem edge with 2 rounds of double crochet on a 4.5mm hook. The sleeves needed no edging as they don't curl and are very slightly scalloped which I like. Oh and I only had about 5 metres of yarn left. ;-)

I love this stitch. It was easy to knit and looks gorgeous. I'm quite tempted to make an entire sweater out of it.

The clasp is one of my favourites, so you have to see it close up.

I'm off to do some knitting. :-)


Sue said...

Gorgeous! Love the pattern, the colour and the clasp.

scarletprincess said...

I know us sat knitchatters saw you knitting this a while back, but it's really stunning!!! All we need now is the weather warm enough to wear it!!
More snow anyone?!

Daisy said...

Wow - that looks great! Chocolate rocks!

KnitYoga said...

That does look lovely. Beautiful stitch pattern and the clasp is just so right with it. I keep forgetting to look into knitting software but must do so.

Tracy said...

Very pretty!

Seahorse said...

It's lovely! Well done :)

Mandella said...

Very pretty indeed, and the clasp is exquisite.

francoise said...

This is a beautiful bolero and the clasp is just perfect. Clever girl!