Friday, 24 March 2006

Nearly there

Look - I'm working on my vintage UFO! Yes, the coral crochet cardigan started in Feb 2003 is finally getting the edging it so deserves.

Here's the edging I've added to the sleeve cuffs. I love it and it makes the sleeves nice and long - just how I like 'em for my gorilla-length arms. ;-)

I'm adding the same on the waist hem but with more repeats so it's deeper - which means that I need to buy 2 more balls of that Rowan Cotton Glace tomorrow. It's most definately worth it though. It should be finished before Easter (I know, famous last words!) so I'll hopefully meet the
Lent-along deadline.

Of course I still had to sneak in lots of rows on my beloved Jaywalker.

I've turned the heel - woohoo! Thanks for your help at the Knit Chat last Tuesday
Annette - the way the pattern was worded for that part seemed so weird until I tried it out.

But then what do I know - this is my first ever sock.

BTW Lolly kindly let me know where she bought her gorgeous sock yarn - it's from here. Guess where my next order's going to be from?!

I had to give a presentation yesterday on the subject of my choice as part of a "Presentation and Training Skills" course. Naturally I chose to talk about knitting. :-) I took lots of my yarns with me, so it was very tactile, and got the audience to participate by shouting out the yarns that they knew - not many.

I educated them on lots of knitting related stuff of course, including showing them this and this to prove that knitting is not just for grannies, and taking along this pictured sample of knitted up plastic bag strips.

My eldest daughter took it in to her class today and they had a fun time trying to guess what it was made of. I've been meaning to try this out for a while, and it turned out to be very quick and easy to do. I'm hoping to make a few bags with this technique soon.

Anyway my presentation got a great response (good news for me as I was soooo nervous!) and hopefully we might be getting one or two new recruits coming along to the Beatties Knit Chat soon. Success!


Annette said...

Well done on the crochet edging, it's very effective, and congratulations on a successful presentation. Let's hope you've recruited some new knitters!

Mandella said...

What a great post. Not only are you so close to finishing the cardigan, but you're also out there hunting for more new recruits. I bet talking about the knitting to an audience was no problem at all for you.

The Crafty Otter said...

Delurking to say 'hi' and how much I love your current FOs and nearly-FO's!

I love the lacewing bolero in particular, and that crochet cardigan is shaping up wonderfully. I think it's a shame crochet gets so much bad press from knitters; why can't we do both?!

Cecie said...

i absolutely love the colours of your vintage-ufo. please dont stop til youre done!