Saturday, 18 March 2006

A flying visit

Just a quick check-in to show you the progress.

First up is my lovely first-ever
Jaywalker sock - nearly at the heel!

Oooh - I just lurve those colour chevrons.. ;-)

Also the first of my butter-soft lilac beaded Mrs Beetons.
It really is a good job that I love this so much otherwise this would be in the frog pile. The Kidsilk Haze is beautiful but I find it a pig to knit with, especially on metal needles. I've heard others say that they find bamboo needles much better to control the slippiness of the yarn - I can well believe it now. I find it rather like knitting with furry sewing thread.

As for the Cashsoft DK - well, if I could only ever knit with this I wouldn't be unhappy..

I can't begin to describe how luxurious this little item feels on my wrist. It really has inspired me to make the second one - that should get rid of this cold weather!

That's your lot for tonight - well I did say it was a flying visit!


Annette said...

The Jaywalkers are looking great. I'm speeding along with my second, hope to have it finished by Tuesday's Knit Chat, they've been on the needles too long and I'm dying to start another pair.

scarletprincess said...

I cant believe how those jaywalkers look in the opal (is it flamingo?) !! Sorry I wasn't around for saturday knitchat- you know all about these things that seem to crop up on saturday lunchtime he he!

Anonymous said...

I am using Kid Silk Haze and it is driving me nuts, and on bamboo needles, it sticks, then jams and before you know it the whole lot has lept off your needles and all over your lap! Its like knitting with bindweed!