Monday, 6 March 2006

Chocolate does funny things to me

First up I'd like to say a huge THANX! to all you folks who've left lovely comments about my Lacewing Bolero. That's the most positive praise I've ever received about one of my handknits, and I'm chuffed to bits. You've made my day(s). :-)

So here we have another FO. Woohoo! It's "My So Called Scarf" worked up in 2 balls of Patons Symphony in shade "Fruit Crush", costing me £6.60 in total. It measures 6" wide by 70" long - perfect to wrap up in.

I'm blown away by this. It's an acrylic yarn that feels like a luxurious chenille, resulting in a scarf that is incredibly warm and already my favourite yet. It was going to be a gift but not now - it's all mine!

I do intend to make up a couple of these for Christmas gifts though. I shall use the same yarn in different colourways for each one. The stitch pattern and colour changes are enough to keep my interest right to the end, and it doesn't actually take long to do.

So what next? well yesterday and most of today I spent resting as I had a bout of dizziness whenever I turned my head to a certain position. We're not talking a little gentle spin type dizziness here, more of a knock you off your feet in a split second type of thing. Not pleasant.

I went to the docs today as it was still the same, and was diagnosed with "
Benign Positional Vertigo" i.e. when you put your head in a certain position you go dizzy. Useful that. Luckily it does seem to be easing off a fair bit now, otherwise I would not be sitting here typing right now.

This evening, feeling a fair bit better, I indulged in a bar of
Bournville chocolate again (bought by DH to cheer me up and cuz it's turning into his favourite too!) and picked up the Coral Crochet Cardigan. Yes, the one that I started 3 years ago!

I tried on the cardigan. Great, still fits well, looks neat and smart. Just a little seaming to do on the sleeves, then some edging. No problem.

I opened the chocolate and started eating it, threaded my needle and started seaming. Hmm, it looked better than the other seams which I'd crocheted together.

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing well, right? Well look at this seam. Holes, a strong ridge, etc.

Not good.

I think it actually looked better inside, but I don't want to put the seams on the outside. This is a smart cardigan, not a fashion thingy.

So.... I found the ends and unzipped all those seams. Every one. They came out as quick as a flash too. Scary, that.

I've decided to seam them all in my regular lace-up way that I now do knitted seams. It's gonna look a whole load better.

See, I said chocolate does weird things to me. Now let's see how many more bars I need to actually seam this baby up again.. ;-)

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