Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Happy 5th Birthday Sarah!

Five years ago today, at 11:11pm, Sarah Hannah first graced us with her presence - 13 days past her due date. She had very little hair, long limbs, and pointed fingernails and toenails.

Since then she has taught us that she is a bright, determined, thoroughly independent, and very loving person with a keen interest in language and vocabulary. She never lets her asthma get her down, needs to know how everything works, and can't resist a challenge. We, as her family, all love her to bits. :-)

Here she is with her big sister, showing off the pinata that we all made together. Just after this, the other 10 children descended upon us for her party this afternoon.

This morning her birthday card was read out on Milkshake on Channel 5 on the TV, and we even managed to video it. We've all had a fabulous day. Happy Birthday my darling little daughter.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! What a couple of dolls. :)

Hi Steph - been reading your blog for almost a year, but I don't think I've commented before. It's one of my favorite blogs - and you've inspired me to dig out all my UFO's and finish them up!

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!