Thursday, 2 March 2006

Making a start

Do you remember this? It's the Lacewing Bolero that I managed to seam completely incorrectly i.e. sewed in the set-in sleeve as if it were a raglan!

Well posting that list of WIPs and UFOs yesterday spurred me into action, and I started on the bolero again. I've got all the right accessories this time see?

There's a mug of coffee, a bar of
Cadbury's Bourneville chocolate, plus some of my beloved little tools for the job - my angled Clover Chibi seaming needle and my latest acquisition, a set of spiral stitch markers. These work great for holding together the edges to be seamed.

And can you see what else is different? Yes, I actually pressed the garment pieces first. Goodness, I can even tell which piece is which now. Fancy not doing that before. ;-)

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