Saturday, 11 March 2006

Blitzing the vintage UFOs

Ahaha! Another vintage UFO bites the dust!

Here is my eldest modelling the ribby hat and another version of My So Called Scarf, both knitted in Rowan Biggy Print. I was trying to do wristwarmers to go with the hat, but I'd almost finished one and then given up - over a year ago. So frogged it was, and the scarf was born.

Another change of plan too - the set was going to be for DH but our daughters have claimed them instead. I'm just happy to know that my handknits are appreciated.

As for the rest of the vintage list, it's almost gone!
The chevron crochet tunic has been sent off to the charity shop as I wasn't keen on the yarn anyway.

The coral crochet cardigan is now fully re-seamed and looks much better than before. I changed my mind (again!) about the yarn for the edging and after much comparing I bought two balls of Rowan Cotton Glace today - one each of "In The Pink" and "Oyster". Keep watching..


Helen said...

What a lovely blog you have here and your little girl looks like a modely. I can picture her in a knitting magazine showing off her mum's excellent work. Keep knittin'

Helen said...

that is model....typing skills are not at optimum this morning. I think my fingers have lag. lol