Saturday, 15 July 2006

What happened?

I seem to have lost a week and during the time warp there was a WIP explosion, that’s what’s happened. (No pics as Blogger is having a stubborn moment.) I’ve suddenly gone from 3 WIPs to 8! It must be something to do with the phase of the moon, surely. Maybe if I catalogue them here it’ll persuade me to finish something off. Here goes:

1) Giotto sweater – to be seamed and have a deep crochet edging attached.
I know why this one is hanging around – I don’t like it. There, I’ve proclaimed it to the world. I adore this yarn, so it really upsets me to say that I don’t like the sweater. It should fit fine as I designed it for myself, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite right – the fabric seems a little too loose, and I’m not 100% keen on the armhole seaming. So should I frog it or finish it? Actually, I really like the Giotto design that appeared in “Knitting” magazine a few months back, but I don’t have the pattern atm..

2) Magic scarf – I’m officially docking this one until the Christmas knitting season is upon us again – around September onwards!

3) Phoenix – has had to rest whilst we were in Cornwall on holiday. I decided that it was too bulky a project to carry around with me, so it stayed at home. Nothing to stop me now though!

4) Fortune – is patiently waiting for me to arrive at an evening when I still have the energy to work out the placing of the buttons so that I can knit the buttonhole edging.

5) Garter poncho – was a “quick” project just waiting for the rest of that fringe edging..

Rainbow Poncho – probably about a third done, just need to plug away at this for youngest DD.

7) Tailored Jacket – a newbie born from a love of the look of the “
Prepster Jacket” from the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch crochet book and a desire to use a cone of purple marl lambswool/silk mix yarn obtained from ebay many moons ago.

Ribby Cotton Socks – oops! Well I was still lacking that portable holiday project, so I had to cast on for my second pair of socks. I did intend to knit some toe-up socks next, but decided to stick with the method I know whilst away from the vast internet knowledge bank. I’m using a ball of Regia Cotton Surf yarn bought from Little Knits – it’s lovely and soft to knit with and the first sock fits great!

Oh - yes we did have a good holiday, thanks! It seems so long ago already.

We visited
Land’s End (I’ve visited the Egyptian pyramids but never been to Land’s End before!) which was eerily quiet considering the number of people there. DH summed it up when he said that it was like the sea was sucking up all the noise. Amazing.

On the way back from there we stopped off at
Penzance to make the obligatory yarn shop visit. Our wonderful satellite navigation system directed us on the shortest route – and so we ended up driving through part of a pedestrian shopping area - oops!

The chosen shop this time was
Knit Wits in Penzance – a good selection of yarns and pleasant staff. I bought a ball of Opal Rainforest Chameleon as it couldn’t resist the colours when seeing them in real life.

There, enough. I'm off to do one of the endless list of tasks.


Julie said...

Mmm, toe-up socks. I really love Wendy's pattern (at and also in her book, which is wonderful) - it's very basic, so perfect for those fabulous self-striping sock yarns!

Sounds like a great vacation - welcome back! :)

scarletprincess said...

Welcome back, I'm glad you have had a lovely holiday. I'm on a WIP rampage as always, but simply because baby clothes are such small projects I dont seem to count them! (Also I second the Wendyknits toe up generic sock pattern- really really good)

The Crafty Otter said...

Frog it! You love the yarn but the sweater isn't doing it for you... You won't wear it, you know. Consider it a *free* stash enhancement. Thanks for pointing me towards the Prepster... I'd not seen it before, but it's fab!

Mandella said...

Ah, there you are! Glad you had a good holiday. Now you just have to go and kill some WIPS!