Monday, 6 November 2006

Cosy and warm

Browsing through Etsy over the weekend has led me to my latest quick-fix project.. Yeah, ok, I know - I don’t exactly need more projects but then sometimes you just feel the need to use a specific yarn don’t you?

It’s a cosy collar or scarflette which took 30 minutes to make from start to finish!

I had a single ball of this beautiful chunky fuchsia pink/dark purple yarn as part of my birthday present from Fiona. The yarn seems to be a heavyweight chunky slub wool strand plied with a variegated silky soft (probably nylon) eyelash strand, and originally came from The Threshing Barn.

I crocheted the collar using a 10mm hook over 10 stitches with 1 row of dc & 1 row of sc alternating until I ran out of yarn. Then I sewed on a button, which fits through any of the dc stitches without needing a specific buttonhole. Result: one lovely neck warmer, which fits neatly underneath my coat without the bulk of a scarf hanging down the front.

Now on to the next on-the-fly trial - this time for my youngest DD.. although having knitted some more of this tonight I think some tinking is in order as it's getting rather too big.


Maggie said...

The cozy neck warmer is a great idea! I think I'll have to make some like this one as fast and cool christmas gifts... And one for me, too! :-) Have a nice week, Maggie

littlelixie said...

That hat looks very interesting. How are you doing it?