Friday, 3 November 2006

Pictures at last!

It seems that the Blogger picture problem was solved last night, but I still couldn't upload mine - maybe too many people were catching up on theirs. Anyway, here we are at last!

The stripy scarf.
I actually finished knitting this last night, and now just have the fringe to sort out.

It's incredibly difficult to photograph accurately - somehow the flash keeps catching on the eyelash Boa yarn!

This jumbled lump is the aran lace cardigan.

I'm working on the first sleeve, then I have to do the other one and finally finish the body.

You get an idea of the stitch pattern though.

1 comment:

julie said...

Your sweater looks gorgeous! Love the scarf, too - how long is it? It looks like a nice short one, the sort you tuck into the front of your coat. Or it might be rolled up for the picture. :) Either way, those colors are great.