Saturday, 19 May 2007

What's the difference?

Well we went back up country, visited everyone, and gladly travelled back down to the South West. It's a lovely place to come home to. Della asked what the differences are between living here in "the pointy bit" (nice one!) rather than in the Midlands. Hmm, well I guess:

  1. The general feeling down here is more relaxed; it's more rural and right by the coast, so it feels less hectic

  2. We don't worry so much about security - we're living in a little village and feel safer; fewer people means fewer crimes

  3. As we're so near the coast, we feel like we should make the most of it and so tend to go to the beach whenever we can - and there's not much to get stressed about there

  4. The school is half the size of the previous one our girls went to, and has much more of an outdoor emphasis - they have a science garden, after-school gardening club, and outdoor learning spaces

  5. As we're outdoors a lot more, we're all looking fairly tanned already - everyone back in the Midlands on this last visit said we all looked really healthy!

  6. I need to drive to work and can't walk around the city centre to do my shopping at lunchtime so I had to find other ways to get exercise: now I go to fitness classes twice a week & thoroughly enjoy them, DH does most of the shopping so he appreciates the time & effort it takes now, and walking up and down the beach and cliff steps does wonders for the legs and cardio fitness levels!

  7. Although I only drive when I have to, I am enjoying the freedom of having my own transport available

  8. I had 2 migraines whilst we were back up country last weekend - a common occurrence for me - but have had virtually none whilst down here

  9. I'm learning to swim better (after all these years) as I want to be able to swim in the sea with our girls

  10. For whatever reasons we seem to be going out more as a family - we go out together every Friday evening, and are currently planning several visits to local events during the forthcoming half term break

  11. DH gets to see his little sis regularly as we now live near her!

  12. There is a big focus down here on environmental issues and also crafts - both of which interest me greatly

I think that's enough to be going on with! As you can probably gather, we're enjoying it down here.

On the craft front, I've been beading again! I went to a bead weaving class at the Red Elephant Bead Shop on Wednesday evening, and had a great time.

I discovered that I prefer stringing beads rather than weaving them, so I came back and made myself 3 necklaces.

A black and white one specifically to match this top - it reminds me of licorice allsorts!

Then a pinky-purply one to go with most of my outfits..

And finally a slightly longer one with some lovely stripy blue glass beads that I bought from ebay several years ago.

I'm really pleased with all of them!


    jules said...

    I TOLD my husband we should move to Cornwall. :) It sounds beautiful there!

    Your necklaces look terrific!

    Stephanie, housewife extraordinaire said...

    Great, now I want to move there!!