Thursday, 3 May 2007

Of socks and parcels

You want socks? You got 'em! Announcing the gorgeous Hedera pair, finished just 3 hours ago.

Great pattern (
Knitty), great yarn (Cherry Tree Hill merino), great socks. Now they have to go into hiding until the weather turns cooler - hopefully quite a while away.

And the parcel? Well it's my prize from Maggie's Crafting - plus a little extra.

I received the stitchmarkers I had chosen plus a sunny little card, an extra pair of lovely handmade stitch markers, and a bag of honey bear chewy sweets for my daughters!
Of course I had to try them first, just to check. Thanks so much Maggie!

I had a second parcel too - but that's another story..


Daisy said...

Love the socks! I really enjoyed the Hedera pattern when I made some.

Knittings Nice! said...

Loving the socks...great colour.

Anonymous said...
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Stephanie, housewife extraordinaire said...

Oh, what lovely socks!! It gives me a little inspiration to work on mine...