Sunday, 29 April 2007

Beads, dyes, and new shoes!

First up - the Beaded Jewellery day course!
It was fab. There were 6 of us plus the teacher, and I wasn't the oldest. ;-)

We could choose from the bead selection there and shown how to make various types of necklaces and earrings. These are mine, and I'm quite pleased with them.

I've given the earrings to my SIL as I don't tend to wear dangly earrings much - they just get tangled in my hair. The necklaces have been claimed by both of my DDs of course, but I may have to borrow them back now and again.

I have plans for some other necklaces to use up some of my bead stash now, so I can make ones to match my various work outfits.

Secondly - the yarn dyeing. I managed to get time to do some this week - wahay!

I dyed 3 skeins of sock yarn with Kool-Aid reds, yellows, and oranges - not the best photo but you get the idea.

Finally the new shoes! Flip flops of course considering our new home location. I wore them on the beach this afternoon, and they're very comfy ;-)

I have to include a link to my favourite song atm too - "New Shoes" by Paolo Nutini - a fab happy tune. :-)

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