Thursday, 5 April 2007

Time to use some energy

Just as I was getting into a routine of updating this blog twice weekly, life gets in the way. But not in a bad way. We've had 2 lots of friends visiting Cornwall this week as the children are on Easter holiday from school.

So we've been very busy meeting up with them; DH has taken the girls swimming with their friends whilst I've been at work, then we've been visiting various family-friendly local pubs in the evenings. It's been lovely to see them all, but I'm glad we can still stay here in Cornwall after the holidays instead of going back.

As for the fitness classes I mentioned last time, I've signed up and been straight from work to "Bums and Tums" and the "Swiss Ball Workout" - which I can't stop calling the "Swiss Cheese" workout - can you see where my focus is?!

I can feel the effects of both classes - mainly in my torso and legs, which is great as it must be doing something.

Our fitness class teacher, Helen, is a lovely (and very fit!) lady who makes the classes good fun. She's told us we can eat plenty of chocolate this Easter weekend. I don't know whether she's saying we don't have to feel guilty as we're working out, or just guaranteeing plenty of customers for the forthcoming classes.. Either way I actually enjoyed both classes and I'm not the oldest or biggest there, so I feel better about that.

Another thing which has caught my eye is a one-day course in Beaded Jewellery at the local college on Saturday 28th April - which I have enrolled on!
I've been messing about with beads since last autumn when I had a go at making beaded stitch markers, so I'm really looking forward to it – but I wonder if I'll be the oldest one there..?!

On the knitting front, I'm now into the hem edging and cast-off for the cropped aran lace cardigan; not long to go there and we should have a FO - yippee!

The first Hedera sock in the work-lunch-break project has now reached the heel flap; I have to be careful with this as I could easily become totally engrossed and wildly over-run my allocated lunch break time..

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely chocolaticious Easter weekend; it looks like we may even get good weather which is very non-British for a bank holiday period. We're hoping to make the most of it on the beach - after we've eaten the Easter eggs that is.

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Maggie said...

Thanks for your comment on the shrug! I used a cotton blend (60% cotton, 30% rayon, 5% silk and 5% acrylic) ordered from buttinette, a German craft mail-order company.
With the great weather we have right now I really envy you for living on the coast! :-)