Thursday, 19 April 2007

High on sunshine

Oh I love sunny weather. It was great today being able to get back from work and diving into my shorts & T-shirt to soak up the last warm rays of the afternoon. Bliss!

Look - I found some beads for the croppped aran lace cardigan! I wasn't sure if they'd be the right colour/size/weight/etc as I got them from ebay rather than seeing them beforehand, but I'm thrilled as they're perfect.

I just need to sew them on now :-)

The Hedera sock is progressing nicely. I'm now on to the straight part of the foot, so not long to go now.

My workmates are not sure what to think of me - nobody has seen anyone knitting a sock before apparently!

I get to sit in the car and knit a few rounds before I go into my fitness classes too; I need to get there early to get a parking space so it's the perfect opportunity. :-)


Maggie said...

Nice beads! I sent you an email last week because you won my little guessing game. If you didn't receive it, just have a look at my blog and let me know which pair of stitch markers would be your favorite and give me an adress to send them to! Have a great day, Maggie

Knittings Nice! said...

Gorgeous lace cardi...great beads for it.