Sunday, 17 June 2007

Discovery and other fruits

I've made a discovery whilst knitting away at my sleeveless neck-down summer top - Midriff Island.
It's similar to Sleeve Island, but involves one continuous tube of magic double rib. Why magic? Because it starts to look like it might be long enough, so I try it on (long live neck-down garments!) only to find that it has shrunk as it stretched around my (not so small) torso and is actually a long way from "decent" let alone "finished". Ho hum.
** One more row; repeat from ** ad infinitum...

On the beading front, I've made several new necklaces and earrings for myself, and started gathering supplies to fulfill my mum's request.
There are far too many photos to add here, so I'm adding a link to the Galleries section in the right-hand bar.
I've made some green beaded stretchy jewellery for eldest DD's school sports day stall, and also finished crocheting the summer tote bag.

I decided to make a plaited strap, which I've sewn to the bag edges and left a small tassel dangling down from each lower corner in true 70s style. ;-)

As for the other fruits - tenuous link there - our courgette plants have their first flower!

I've never grown courgettes before but love eating them, so this was an exciting find.
I directed the whole family outside at breakfast-time to inspect it, and DH thinks it looks quite prehistoric - I tend to agree.

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