Thursday, 21 June 2007

I feel the need.. for speed..

Which justifies a New Project Alert before the neck-down chevron rib top is finished - haha!

You see we are attending a(nother) wedding in August - this time for the actual daytime ceremony as well as the evening party. And everyone knows that a girl needs new clothes for such an event!

Well there are 3 girls in our household, so I'm buying new outfits for both DDs (matching - so sweet!) and part buying, part making new items for myself. (I did ask DH too but he's not really into new clothes and has a very nice suit already - see, I'm not being mean.)

I have a great linen skirt and co-ordinating top for the day - but it's crying out for matching heeled sandals and a pretty lacy bolero with beaded edges. I'm investigating sources for the sandals (involving lots of shoe shopping - fab!) and have started on the Summer Wedding Bolero.

It involves an easy lace stitch pattern, a small quantity of crisp white mercerised DK-weight cotton, some matching beads for a crochet edging, and a pretty clasp - oh and a pattern created (following swatching of course) from my Knitware Sweaters program.

So with 2 months before the wedding, why the need for speed? Well I need a black one for the evening party too.. ;-)

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Mandella said...

I always thing that one of the reasons that men don't need new clothes as often as us is that they don't change shape as drastically, or as often. In the 15 years of our marriage I've been a size 14 to a 20 and all ports in between! Hopefully I'll never see the top end again, but then that's up to me, isn't it?

The bolero will be beautiful and of course you'll have 2. A deadline is wonderful motivation.