Thursday, 23 August 2007

All manner of presents

Many thanks for all your birthday wishes; I had 3 days of celebrations as I visited various friends and family, and ended up with 4 birthday cakes! Very yummy they all were too. ;-)

I had some lovely pressies including a beautiful Seasalt organic cotton halterneck beach dress, some Moshulu beach shoes (cuz I can't drive in flip-flops), a rashie for under my wetsuit, some Lush goodies, money, and chocolates.

Then there's the present I bought for myself - 500g of Sirdar Bamboo in shade "Driftwood" and a lovely pattern for it.

I'm so impressed with this yarn in my current WIP that I couldn't resist buying more; it has a beautiful sheen and drape, gorgeous shades, and feels fantastic.

I also had a present that wasn't quite so desired - I've had
palpitations and a 120bpm heart rate since my birthday afternoon, and am now hooked up to a 24-hour ECG, had blood tests, and I'm on beta-blocker tablets to reduce my reduce my heartbeat.

The doctor at my local surgery is being amazing - very thorough, sensitive, and encouraging - even to the point of phoning me at home to check I was getting along ok inbetween appointments - I'm impressed.

Hopefully the next couple of weeks will lead to some good news and conclusions.

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blueadt said...

Belated Birthday Wishes!

I hope everything turns out to be ok & will keep my fingers crossed for you.