Sunday, 25 November 2007

Cable heaven

That's where I seem to have gone. I adore this yarn and cable pattern so much, I have to make myself put it down. Of course whether that's still the case if I don't have enough yarn and need to start over remains to be seen.

Quite why I've become obsessed with cables is a mystery to me. I love the look of them (unlike bobbles) but rarely feel the need to knit them. It must be something to do with the cold weather I guess!

The plan is to finish this sleeve (not long to go!), then calculate exactly how much yarn is required for the whole garment based on how much I used for the sleeve.

Fingers crossed..


Mandella said...

That's beautiful. What a lovely photo.

Jules said...

Really beautiful!

Fiona said...

I love the cables in that yarn... truly inspired!

KnitYoga said...

It looks gorgeous and a lovely rich colour, too! Hope you have enough yarn.